Our Church

The school enjoys an active and supportive partnership with the local parish church, St Matthias in Stoke Newington. We attend a weekly service, led by Father David, who also makes time to visit and discuss with the children, as well as engage in a range of different activities throughout the week.  Daily collective worship assemblies are held, with prayers being said every day. All important Christian celebrations and festivals, like Christmas, Easter and Harvest, are held in the church, with parents and carers invited to attend.

As a Church of England school, Christian teachings are embedded into our daily curriculum and day-to-day activities are rooted in our Christian and Moral values. Parents support our message and participate in most religious events.

It is a fundamental principle of our school to teach love of others and ourselves, as well as building an understanding of the beliefs and customs of other faiths. We believe it is important to foster sensitivity and understanding towards those whose religion and cultures are different from our own.