Our Teaching Assistants and Midday Supervisors deal with cuts and abrasions, and we have a number of members of staff that are trained First Aiders. In dealing with cuts we may only use water. Please let us know if your child is allergic to plasters. If there is a serious accident, we will contact a Parent/Carer immediately, and if necessary will arrange for an ambulance to take your child to hospital. It is therefore vital that you keep the school informed of any changes of contact phone numbers of all nominated emergency contacts. The school phone is 020 7254 1148.

Mobile Phones
Children in year 6 may leave a phone at the front office after written consent from their parent.  It must be delivered there at the beginning of the school day and collected at the end.  It must be switched off during the school day. The school cannot take responsibility for any loss or damage..

Jewellery is not allowed, with the exception of watches, small stud earrings or a crucifix which remain the responsibility of the child.Content-LongFAQHolidays
The school cannot support parents who take holidays during the term time. However, if it is unavoidable that your child is to lose time at school for absence other than illness, please write to the Head Teacher requesting permission and this will be given due consideration.

On my child’s birthday, can they bring in cakes/sweets for the class?
Sweets and party bags are not permitted but you are more than welcome to provide a store brought cake, which has clear ingredients shown for allergy purposes.

What is Golden Tea?
This is how celebrate and award children who have shown good behaviour throughout the week. They play games, listen to music and receive fruit and juice.

Can I attend my child’s school trip?
Please speak with the Class teacher.

How much is school uniform?
All school uniform can be brought from Tesco’s online at https://www.tesco.com/direct/ues You can purchase from the school office by cash *School badge – £3.00  *Elastic Tie – £3.00  *Straight tie – £3.00.

Can I get help with school applications for Nursery, Reception and Secondary school?
Yes, you can make an appointment with the Admin and data officer for nursery and reception or pastoral support Manager for secondary schools, who will support you through the process and provide relevant information.

Can my child walk to and from school alone?
 Children up until year 5 must be accompanied by an adult. If you wish for an older sibling to collect them or drop them off, they must be over 16 years of age and must have identification.  Children in year 6 can walk home alone but only with written consent from the legal guardian.

What should I put in my child’s packed lunch?
We recommend a healthy packed lunch. It may include: a savoury sandwich, a cereal bar, fruit, salad, vegetables, yoghurt and water. Nut products, chocolate, sweets and fizzy drinks are not permitted. 

What if my child cannot find their jumper or any item of clothing?
Please ensure all items of clothing are fully labelled. We teach the children to look after their property. Ask the Class teacher or TA at the end of the school day who will try to help find the item. 

What are the opening times for breakfast club?
Breakfast club is open from 8:00am – 8:40am and cost £1.00 a day.